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Edmark online store - edshop

Edmark International online store – Where to buy Edmark products in Nigeria, South Africa, Philippines and Tanzania and prices including how to buy.

We, the distributors of Edmark International products and customers like you have been wishing the company will create an online store that allows anyone anywhere, at least in the countries that they currently do business buy the products directly from the company because it makes everyone’s lives easier.

It took longer than expected for it to happen. I actually had given up hope that it will ever happen, when suddenly it was announced!

So I am happy to inform you that you can now buy Edmark products from the company in the comfort of your home or office and pick it up at the company’s office or pay for shipping and it’s delivered to you.

Currently the online store has only been launched in four countries:

  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • Philippines
  • Tanzania

According to Edmark more countries will be added to the store soon.

I am really happy about this development especially because of my South Africa visitors to this site.  I used to take orders online from Nigerians and then process the order but I regularly got products request from South Africans that I couldn’t follow up with and didn’t know a distributor in their country to refer them to.

What a breath of fresh air this launch is for these South Africans customers and every other Edmark customer out there.

So if you live in Nigeria, South Africa, Philippines or Tanzania no more looking for Edmark distributors in your country before you can make an order. The challenge of where to buy Edmark products is over. Order whenever and wherever you like from the company’s online store.

Here’s the link to buy directly from Edmark if you’re in Nigeria, South Africa, Philippines or Tanzania:


Before you click on that link to visit the store copy it and save it somewhere you can easily reach it for future orders. That’s the link to go to anytime you want to make your order directly from the company.

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39 thoughts on “Edmark International Launch Online Store – EDShop”

    1. Sibongile the essence of launching an official store is that you don’t need to go looking for where to buy anymore. To buy now from anywhere you are in South Africa including Johannesburg just click this link => referral.edmarker.com/NGFLG076380 and make place your order with the company and they will bring it to you if you choose shipping as method of delivery or they will tell you which Edmark office in South Africa to go pick up your order if you don’t want to pay extra for shipping.

      If there’s something you don’t understand let me know.

  1. I tried the 1 shake fiber phyto and really works. I want to buy the product.And be a distributor in the US.I want more information about how to start a business. I work as a nurse here but trying this product really works.

    1. Hello Rosanna,

      My biggest wish is to be able to deliver Edmark products to the US, because I get a lot of request from people in US. The first order from US that I served wasn’t delivered to the customer, it was returned. It seems to be able to bring in certain products to the US there are certain requirements one needs to meet. As at then I didn’t think the requirements were something I could take on. But if you’re really serious about being a distributor in US and you being in US, perhaps we can work together. Please contact me privately let’s discuss this.

  2. Hi, I live in the uk, is there a chance I can buy online and get the products delivered if I can not get hold of a distributor?

  3. Hello my name is Electa l live in Belgium , a friend of mine who lives in Cameroon told about
    Edmark products and how its working good on her . i would like to lose some weight which products
    can you recommend for me and how do l go about the payment and delivery of the products .

  4. I would like to ask what is your best product for breast mum/lump and where can i possibly buy your
    products here in the philippines. thank you.

  5. Further to my message. I was advised by my doctor to undergo mammography/ultrasound/biopsy but these are invasive procedures that i want to avoid. for your info i was operated b/f for removal of breast mum n when biopsied it was a benign breast mum h/e after 15 or more years it recur. so please advise me on what product to buy for my case. thank you.

  6. Hello,

    I have a quick question, I am in Canada and will like to buy some of your products from your online shop. Will it be possible, I am asking this because some countries have extensive rules and regulation regarding the postage of health related products.
    Will you in the future consider selling some of your products on amazon, that will also make life easier for some of us.
    I do hope to hear from you soon

    1. Sorry didn’t see your early post. It seems someone also wanted some to be delivered to the US. So please ignore my earlier post

    2. Thanks Shadrach. I’ll look into selling on Amazon to see if it’s something I am eligible for and can be done.

  7. Hello!
    My name is Meckael I’m from Sweden, I would like to buy a symbol of your product shake off,
    Can you please inform me about the way to getting the products.

  8. I leave in kebbi.I have bad cholesterol and I need to know which of your product I can use to get rid of it and slim down.thanks

  9. Many of our customers complainend that Edmark products are too costly,pls do something on the prices to make it affordable to all.

  10. I am interested to be a distributor for SPLINA SOAP ONLY.Please help me where to start.I am in Botswana.

    1. Sorry, for now we have no solution for that. Edmark doesn’t do business in the US. And when I personally shipped to a customer in US, US customs didn’t allow it into the country.

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