Edmark Products Prescription To Treat Various Illnesses

Edmark Products for Menstrual pain, fertility and more

Edmark products for Menstrual pain, Fertility, Infertility, Weak Erection, Diabetes, Slimming, Weight loss, Weight gain, Fibroid, Cancer, Heart attack, Hypertension, stroke, High Blood Pressure, Kidney disease, Migraine, Hormonal Imbalance, Liver problem, Rheumatism, Hepatitis, Asthma, Gout, Fibroid, Arteriosclerosis and more.

I get a lot of questions about what Edmark products to take for this and that. So that is the answer this page provides.

Before we get into the products Edmark prescribed for different illnesses and diseases please know that Edmark products are not drugs and therefore where not design or intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any diseases, disorders or illnesses.

Having said that supplements such as Edmark products can help ensure that you get enough vital substances the body needs to function which has been proven from testimonials of people who have used and still use Edmark products to reduce or treat certain illnesses and diseases when used over a period of time.

DiseasesEdmark Products Prescription
Color CancerShake Off, Splina, MRT, Bubble C, Spiro
DiabetesShake Off, Splina, MRT, Ginseng Sugar Free, Spiro
Heart AttackShake Off, Splina, Red Yeast Coffee, Bio Elixir
HypertensionShake Off, Splina, Red Yeast Coffee, Bubble C, Bio Elixir
StrokeShake Off, Splina, Red Yeast Coffee, Bio Elixir, Bubble C
High Blood PressureShake Off, Splina, Red Yeast Coffee, Bio Elixir, Bubble C
Kidney DiseaseShake Off, Splina, MRT, Bubble C, Spiro
MigraineShake Off, Splina, Ginseng Coffee
Hormonal ImbalanceShake Off, Splina, Bio Elixir
HeatShake Off, Splina, Bubble C
Liver ProblemShake Off, Splina, Bio Elixir, MRT, Spiro
RheumatismShake Off, Splina, Ginseng Coffee, Bubble C, Red Bubble Tea
AnemicShake Off, Splina, MRT, Bubble C, Red Bubble Tea
HepatitisShake Off, Splina, Bubble C, Bio Elixir
Cold Shake Off, Splina, Bubble C, Ginseng Coffee, Spiro
AsthmaShake Off, Splina, Bio Elixir
GoutShake Off, Splina, Red Yeast Coffee, Bio Elixir
FibroidShake Off, Splina, Red Yeast Coffee, Bubble C, MRT, Bio Elixir, Spiro
ArteriosclerosisShake Off, Splina, Red Yeast Coffee, Red Bubble Tea
Pale ComplexionShake Off, Splina, Bubble C, Cocollagen
Loss WeightShake Off, Splina, MRT, Ginseng, Red Yeast Coffee
Add Weight (for skinny people)Shake Off, Splina, Red Yeast Coffee, Bubble C, Cocollagen
SmokerShake Off, Splina, Bio Elixir, Red Bubble Tea
DiarrheaShake Off, Splina, Ginseng Coffee
Alcohol ConsumerShake Off, Splina, Bio Elixir
ConstipationShake Off, Splina, Red Yeast Coffee, Spiro
Menstrual PainShake Off, Splina, Red Yeast Coffee, Bubble C
ArthritisShake Off, Splina, Bio Elixir, Cocollagen, Red Bubble Tea, Spiro
Soar ThroatShake Off, Splina, Bubble C, Spiro
Bad BreadthShake Off, Splina, Ginseng Coffee
Weak ErectionShake Off, Splina, Bio Elixir, Bubble C, Ginseng Coffee, Spiro
Typhoid Shake Off, Splina, Bubble C, Ginseng Coffee
MalariaShake Off, Splina, Bubble C, Red Yeast Coffee
InfertilityShake Off, Splina, Red Yeast Coffee, Bio Elixir, Spiro
HemorrhoidsShake Off, Splina, Bubble C
Body OdorShake Off, Splina, Ginseng Coffee
InfectionShake Off, Splina, Bubble C, Spiro
UlcerShake Off, Splina, Bubble C, Spiro
Hay Fever, etcShake Off, Splina, Bio Elixir

After this prescription suggestions was released Edmark has released a few more products that should be included in the table above. For example Cafe 73, a sugar free coffee which is very good for diabetic people, although Ginseng is also a great choice. Other new products include Edmark Mocha and Cappuccino.

The prescription above is not a fast rule they are only suggestions based on the products contents and descriptions. You can make your own prescriptions after learning about each Edmark product. Like I said before they are not drugs so you don’t have to follow an official prescription except know how each one should be prepared and taken.

You will notice from the table that the prescription for all the health issues listed requires you to take Shake Off and Splina. That’s because Shake Off and Splina are two powerful products that can help with almost anything. So if you don’t know what to take or can’t afford to buy all the products that was suggested you use, just take Shake Off, Splina and Ginseng or Red Yeast Coffee.

Shake Off detoxifies while Splina balances.  To use Edmark products to treat anything, the first thing you should do is take Shake Off first to detox before you start taking any other product. Learn more from the page on How Edmark Products Works.

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26 thoughts on “Edmark Products Prescription To Treat Various Illnesses”

  1. Hi, I have ovarian cyst, Fallopian tube blockage n infection. Can dis product cure it? please b honest and I want to no which one n which one to take……thx

  2. Hello there
    I was diagnosed with High Blood pressure and it’s on 167 over 118 can Shake off and Splina the best solution to normalise the condition?

  3. Pls which Edmark products can I use to treat arrythmia of the heart, insufficient blood circulation and prostatitis

    1. Edmark products are not drugs and the company never claim that it treats any illnesses. However it’s been proven by several testimonies from consumers of Edmark health products that it infact able to treat certain illnesses. Truth is not all doctors want to believe the health potentials of these supplements however the products speaks for themselves.

      Kidney and Urinal Stones - Edmark Product Testimonial

      Kidney Stones - Edmark Product Testimonial

  4. thanks very much for your product for high blood pressure which has really help me to bring my number down to 120/80 though i am still taking my drugs but my question now is can i stop my medications and go ahead with Splina and red yeast and ginseng coffee , and for how long ?

    1. You already attest to the fact that it has helped reduced your numbers. So yes you can stop the medication and stick to Edmark products. If you’re concerned you can confirm from your doctor.

  5. I am from Tanzania, in Dodoma I want to buy some of the products. May I know where should I find your branches in Tanzania.


  6. Do these products have scientific research for the illnesses identified above? Especially those who are suffering from cancers. Is it safe to take these products with isolated soy protien, or inulin and low fat milk? are these not the food for cancers as well?

  7. my friend was operated on kidney saying he has stone on her kidney can she still use the drugs.red yeast does it cure short sight,watery eyes ,red eyes.

    1. Someone has testified to using Edmark Ginseng Coffee to treat Cataract. So I’ll suggest you try it out. Remember Edmark products are not drugs that have specified prescriptions. Our suggestions are just what they are suggestions, based on what the products ingredients and customers testimonials. For more recommendations click here.

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