Edmark Products Prices In Philippines – Price List

Edmark Products Prices In Philippines – Edmark Product Price List – How much is Edmark Mrt, Shake Off, Splina, Red Yeast Coffee, Ginseng Coffee, Cafe 73, Bio Elixir, Bubble C, Cocollagen, Beauty Pack, Red Bubble Tea, Spiro, Cappuccino, Splina Soap, Splina Toothpaste in Philippines.

Edmark Products Prices In Philippines

* These prices are subject to change.

P4 4 Step Healthy Slimming Programme

Beauty Package Products

Other Beverages

Healthcare and Wellness

  • Splina Spirulina Tablet (100 TAB) PHP 580.00
  • Splina Chlorophyll Soap (Single) PHP 150.00
  • Splina Chlorophyll Soap (3 in 1) PHP 300.00
  • Splina Chlorophyll Toothpaste (Single) PHP 288.00
  • Splina Chlorophyll Toothpaste (3 in 1) PHP 576.00

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  1. I want to buy edmark products at discounted prices.. distributors price… how much is the package? Im in the philippines..

  2. I have benefited from these products and would wish to purchase online.

    P. Kerdial Johnson
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