How To Buy Edmark Products

How To Buy Edmark Products – Order Edmark Products – Where to Buy Online in Nigeria, South Africa, Philippines.

So you want to buy Edmark products and want to know how you can do that. That’s the answer this page provides.

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Edmark International sells its products through a marketing model known as Multi Level Marketing (MLM) or Network marketing. Interested individuals register with Edmark to distribute its products, and Edmark distributes its products to consumers only through its network of distributors. So if you are not a distributor you can not walk into any Edmark office to buy their products. If you do, they will ask you to go through a distributor.

So to buy Edmark products you either register as a distributor and buy products at distributor prices from the company or buy from registered distributors at retail prices. The difference between the distributor prices and retail prices as defined by Edmark is only 15%.

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Fortunately with the recently launched Edmark official online store you no longer have to look for or wait on a distributor to process your order. You can visit the Edmark online store now and buy directly from the company and the company ships it to you wherever you are, or if you don’t want to pay the extra shipping fee you have the option of picking up your order at the Edmark office in your city, if there’s one.

You should know that Edmark did not stop selling through its distributors with the launch of the official store. They still sell through distributors only, the difference now is that each distributor has a refferal link to the store that you must use to access the store and when you do you will see the distributor name boldly written above the store to let you know, this is the distributor you are buying from although your order will be processed by the company. This allows Edmark to reach more consumers with their products easily and makes life easier for the buyers and the distributors.

I am one of Edmark distributors in Nigeria and below is my official referral link to the store which you must use to access the online store.

Before visiting the store copy the link above and save it somewhere you can easily reach it for future orders. That’s the link to use anytime you want to make your order directly from the company.

Currently the online store only supports three countries, Nigeria, South Africa and Philippines. Edmark is working on adding more countries soon.

Unfortunately if your country is not yet supported you have to get Edmark products the old fashion way. That is find a distributor in your country or if Edmark doesn’t yet have a branch in your country find a distributor willing to ship to you in your country. Here at Edmark Health Products site I only ship to the UK. If you live in UK, visit my Edmark UK online store to place your order. If you live in any other country then I’m sorry I can’t help you.

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