How To Use Edmark Products – MRT Complex Splina

How to Use Edmark Products – How to Take Edmark MRT complex, Splina, P4 Slimming products, Beauty pack, Red yeast and Ginseng coffee, Cafe 73, Cappuccino, Bio elixir, Spiro.

How to prepare Shake Off: Pour one sachet of Shake Off into a Shaker (it’s a rubber cup with a cover on top especially designed to mix and drink Shake Off), add 250ml of cold water, cover and shake very well. Drink immediately.

Shake Off should be taken just before going to bed.

Daily dosage is one sachet a day.

Please note that the Shaker referred to above doesn’t come with the package when you buy Shake Off except when you buy the P4 Slimming package. You can use any shaker, doesn’t have to be that of Edmark. Helps though if your shaker comes with measurements on the cup so you easily know where 250ml should stop. If you would prefer to use Edmark Shaker, a set of it (3 pieces) is sold for N1,500 in Edmark’s office in Nigeria. You can confirm from Edmark’s office the price it’s sold in your country.

* Pregnant and nursing mothers should not take Shake Off

How to prepare MRT Complex: Pour one sachet of MRT Complex into a cup, add 350ml of cold water, stir well before drinking.

Daily dosage is up to 4 sachets a day depending on your purpose for taking it. MRT can be taken for different purposes as you can see from our Edmark products prescription table however it is a Meal Replacement Therapy. Meaning it’s primary health benefits is to reduce a person’s weight. If that isn’t your goal then you want to reduce the quantity you take a day. See How to Use Edmark P4 Slimming Products.

How to prepare Splina Liquid Chlorophyll: Add one tablespoon of Splina into a glass of water, drink at least 8 glasses in a day.

How to prepare Ginseng, Red Yeast, Red Bubble Tea, Cafe 73 and Cappuccino: Pour one sachet of Ginseng, Red Yeast, Red Bubble Tea, Cafe 73 or Cappuccino into a tea cup, add 150ml of hot water, stir well before drinking.

Daily dosage is one or two sachets a day.

How to prepare Spiro: Pour one sachet of Spiro into a cup, add 180ml of hot water, stir well and instantly enjoy a delicious, highly nutritious meal for energy, good health and vigor.

You  can make Spiro into thick paste and eat like oatmeal.

Daily dosage is one or two sachets a day.

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To Buy Edmark products, go to Edmark official online store.

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  1. I just started using your product (splina) for my intestine problem and I have seen that is working for me. No more pains. I want to know if it is good for someone who want to conceive.

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