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About The Company

Edmark Industries SDN BHD is a world-class manufacturing plant based in Selangor, Malaysia. For more than 20 years, Edmark has been synonymous with high quality products that are designed to improve the quality of life.

Incorporated in Malaysia in June 7, 1989, Edmark shed meaning to the “all-in-one” concept in the field of global trade for its all-around competence from research and development, manufacturing, marketing and distributing its own Edmark brand of high quality food supplements, and innovative household and consumer products.

As a full-fledged manufacturing company, everything is started and completed in its assembly line that is housed within its factory premises. Edmark has the resources and the expertise to study, develop and give direction for any product it creates until the packaging design marketing and distribution end.

Today, Edmark Industries SDN BHD is a multi-million dollar company doing business with more than 25 countries worldwide. Among them are the US, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Russia, Africa, the Middle East countries and the Philippines.

To cater to the rapid upsurge in demand of its international market, Edmark boldly invested over 30 million US Dollars for the construction and its relocation to a brand new manufacturing plant. Inaugurated July, 17th 2010. The new facility stands on 4.5 acres of land with a built-up area of 230,000 sq. ft. It boasts of state of the art equipment, industrial robots, energy saving features and more.

Mission, Vision and CORE Values


  • To be the premier and esteemed provider of unique, quality and affordable products in the world.
  • To be constantly striving for excellence in meeting client’s satisfaction through a dedicated, loyal, motivated, efficient and  effective professional workforce.
  • To be responsible and caring corporate citizen contributing towards a better quality of life.


A World Class Manufacturing Plant that Serves and Loves Humanity

CORE Values

  • Product Quality
  • Service Excellence
  • Customer Focus
  • Gratitude
  • Abundance
  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Caring and Sharing

Awards & Recognition

Quality is the cornerstone of Edmark’s success. As proof of its high-quality procedures, Edmark is awarded the following international recognition:

Management Team

Commitment to Quality and Food Safety

Edmark’s commitment to quality and food safety is its main concern and is everybody’s responsibility in the company.
As such, it applies effective hygiene control in all manufacturing procedures while to adapting to changes in food production, preparation and distribution techniques to ensure the safety and suitability of its products for consumption.

All areas of its factory establishment from the GMP sterile rooms to the storage areas and the vehicle containers are regularly cleaned and disinfected to be hazard-free.  It also undergoes regular assessment performed by GMP inspectors.

The Manufacturing Plant





For a more detailed tour of Edmark Manufacturing Plant, its products
creation process, packaging, preservation including distribution watch
the video below.

Edmark Product Range

Currently, there are three ranges of products under the Edmark brand:

  • Healthy Living Products (food supplements and beverages)
  • Healthy Cooking Products
  • Household novelty products

But on this site, we focus on discussing their healthy living products and the different diseases and illnesses it can help prevent or treat, or help cope with.

Edmark Healthy Living Products

Health supplements and consumable products that are specifically intended for slimming, weight management and over-all wellness. They include:

Read: Edmark International Healthy Living Products

You can buy any of these products right now from Edmark Official Online Store. Or if you live in the UK, buy from our Edmark Products UK Store.

Edmark International Direction

Food production fulfills a fundamental human need. As the global problem on overweight and obesity looms, Edmark set its direction towards addressing this problem by continuously developing its R&D for the supplement industry.

Its existing line of Healthy Living Products has so far been successful in fulfilling the people’s needs in slimming, weight management and over-all fitness. By strengthening this product line, Edmark will give higher value for money and will help overcome obesity with health and beauty in mind.

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