How To Join Edmark – Membership Application To Become A Distributor

How to become Edmark distributor

How to Join Edmark – How to Become Edmark Distributor/Member – How to Do Edmark – How much is Edmark Registration – Edmark Membership Application Online Form

Why Join Edmark?

There are two major reasons:

  1. Buy products at distributor’s price, that’s minus 15% of retail prices. And benefit from product promos, E.g Buy 2 get 1 free.
  2. Do Edmark business opportunity. Retail the products for a 15% retail profit, invite others to do the business and earn a percentage from whatever they sell and eventually qualify for bonuses including car, house, travels etc.

If you buy or think you will be buying Edmark products regularly then you can become a member just to be able to get access to the products whenever you want without looking for Edmark distributors, and buy products at distributor prices without having to do the business.

Edmark Registration Fee

How much does it cost to join Edmark or become Edmark member?

Well, the registration fee is likely to be different for each country. However I live in Nigeria and therefore can only speak accurately to that of Nigeria. But it’s easy for you to find out. Just use the contact details here to contact Edmark and find out.

In Nigeria there are two membership package:

  • Regular Kit – N21,500
  • P4 Kit – N51,600

If you register online though, you only have one membership package option, P4 Kit.

What’s in the Package?

Regular Kit: The regular kit comes with 1 or 2 boxes or Edmark coffees and two or more samples (one sachet) of other Edmark products. And product brochures and business manuals.

P4 Kit: The P4 Kit is very economical. It comes with all the products in Edmark P4 program (2 boxes of MRT, 1 box of Shake Off, 1 box of Ginseng Coffee, 1 box of Red yeast coffee, 1 bottle of Splina). And product brochures and business manuals.

If you want to buy all the products that comes in the P4 Kit at retail price it’s N63,120. Even at distributor’s price it will cost you N52,500. So it’s the best package to register with.

Most of this is applicable to other countries as well since Edmark uses the same marketing method in all their branches.

Note: If you can’t afford the registration fee yet, you can buy the products you need now at retail price and plan towards the registration.

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Edmark Products Prices In Nigeria – 2016 Price List

Edmark Products Prices In South Africa – Price List

Edmark Products Prices In Philippines – Price List

How to Become Edmark Distributor

There’s a manual and online registration for Edmark. Unfortunately not everyone can do registration online, yet. Online registration is only available to the following countries:

  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • Philippines

So if you live in any of the countries above, you can complete your registration online. However you can also choose to do it offline. See below for how to do manual/offline registration.

Edmark Membership Application Online Form

The online application form is available on Edmark official website at:


Steps to Complete Online Registration

Create an account by filling the online registration form.

After you click the link above, choose your shipping country, then click on ENROLL button or ‘Click here to Register Online’ button and fill the online application form.

How to Join Edmark

  • Fill in Billing Information
  • Choose Membership Package
  • Choose Delivery Method
  • Make Payment

And that’s it. You will get confirmation from Edmark about your registration and membership package delivery.

Edmark Manual/Offline Member Registration Process

First make sure that Edmark has a branch in your country. So click to confirm this now from the current list of Edmark International Branches.

Once you have confirmed that Edmark does business in your country, call the office to know for sure how much the registration fee cost in your country. Then go to the office with your fee and ask for Edmark registration form.

Note: Edmark sells their products only through a network marketing model. So to get registered you need to have with you an already registered distributor’s information, known as Sponsor’s information because there is a space in the form where it is required to be filled in.

I’ll appreciate it if you use my information and let me be your sponsor. Below is my information. Write it down and take it with you to any of the Edmark’s office in your country.

  • First Name: Oghenekaro
  • Last Name: Itoje
  • My Edmark ID: NGFLG076380

Once you fill the form at Edmark’s office, submit it and make payment to them. And pick up your package.

If you run into any problem let me know quickly. I’m available on Whatsapp +2349071070691.

When you’re done with your registration, read the article Success with Edmark Business for how to kick start your success with Edmark business opportunity.

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  1. I just joined recently can I use my membership in Philippine and avail the discount price and etc.? If I allow My (friend )to use my ID is it possible ?
    So that she can avail the discounted price.


  3. Dear Mr./ Miss
    Greeting to all
    Iam Dr.Abdullah A. Ahmed from Iraq (baghdad) , I am very interested in your items and I want to be your distributor in Iraq and I have 3 year experience in the health products marketing, so if you are interest please send me the details in email.
    Best regards.
    Sincerely yours,
    Abdullah A. Ahmed

    1. Your registration is always active. So you can buy products from the company and register others whenever you want.

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