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Edmark Products In South Africa –  Edmark International South Africa – Where to Buy Edmark Products in South Africa – Edmark Products Prices Price List -Edmark Johannesburg address, Edmark Durban contact details, Edmark South Africa Office

South Africa is one of the many countries where Edmark International does business. It means if you’re in South Africa you can easily get access to Edmark products and business opportunity. Below is a list of Edmark products available in South Africa, their prices and the contact details of Edmark offices in South Africa.

Where to Buy Edmark Products in South Africa

Edmark International recently launched an online store where anyone can easily buy Edmark products from the comfort of their home with the option of having it delivered to their doorstep or picking up the order from one of Edmark offices in South Africa.

To buy Edmark products from SA online, click this link:

>>> referral.edmarker.com/NGFLG076380

Once the page opens, choose South Africa from the menu and start your shopping.

If for some reason you want to go to Edmark office to order the products, their contact address is below.

12 Field Street, Mansion House, Durban
(+27) 313018974

3rd Floor, Johannesburg Stock Exchange Building,
17 Diagonal Street, New Town, Johannesburg
(+27) 110268252

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri: 8.30am-5.30pm
Sat: 8.30am-1pm
Sun: Closed

Branch Officer-incharge
Mary Joy Lagarto (mjlagarto@edmarker.com)

Assistant Branch Manager
Maricar Granada (maricargranada@edmarker.com)

Note: You can only buy products directly from Edmark office IF you’re a registered Edmark distributor. If you’re not, then you can only buy the products from a distributor. So if you’re not a distributor yet, go to Edmark office with a distributor’s details and use their details to buy. Below are my details:

  • Name: Oghenekaro Itoje
  • Edmark ID: NGFLG076380

The easiest way to buy Edmark products of course is from Edmark online store. Here’s the link again:

>>> referral.edmarker.com/NGFLG076380

Edmark Products Prices List in South Africa

P4 4 Step Healthy Slimming Programme

Beauty Package Products

Other Beverages

Healthcare and Wellness

  • Splina Chlorophyll Soap (Single) ZAR 58.00
  • Splina Chlorophyll Soap (3 in 1) ZAR 115.00
  • Splina Chlorophyll Toothpaste (Single) ZAR 115.00
  • Splina Chlorophyll Toothpaste (3 in 1) ZAR 230.00

Note: The above products prices are retail prices, that is for those who are not Edmark distributors. If you want Edmark price list for members, then you first need to register to become Edmark distributor, after which you login to your back office and order your products online or go to their office with your distributor’s ID to buy the products at distributor prices, which will mean at least 15% off from the prices you see above.

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  1. My name is Clara Vendeline Mdee, one of Edmark distributors in Tanzania with some little inroads into Kenya as well.

    It is just by coincidence that I came across this advert whilst searching for a suitable way of selling Edmark products on-line.

    I am impressed by how one could buy Edmark products online in three countries, South Africa, Philippines & Nigeria. I wish to seek your kind assistance to help me do a similar Edmark referral set-up for East Africa, i.e. Tanzania, Kenya & Uganda and probably add neighboring Zambia, Rwanda, Burundi & Congo as well.

    Your response will be highly appreciated.

  2. Hi Eemark branch officer DURBAN.
    Mary Joy Lagarto.
    Many thanks for your ginseng coffee.got it from your distributor.truly enjoying it.

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