Edmark Weight Loss Success Stories – P4 Before And After Pictures

Edmark Weight Loss Success Stories and Testimonials – P4 (Power Four) Slimming Program Before and After pictures – Edmark International Weight Loss Health – Edmark Shake Off, Splina, MRT Weight Loss Program – Edmark Lose Weight

Losing weight is not about trying to be someone you’re not. Neither is it about competing with someone or proving something to anybody.

Losing weight is about living a healthier life. Relieving yourself of unnecessary body fats that slow you down, preventing illnesses and or finally getting off those medications that you’ve been on due to health problems caused by being overweight and feeling lighter and energetic to live your life as actively as you want to.

And that’s what all the people who have followed Edmark P4 Slimming Program to lose weight have testified to. And I have included some of these testimonies below including the before and after pictures.

Please keep in mind that how many kg you can loose when using Edmark power four depend on how consistent you are with the program and also on your own body too. I know enough to know that some people don’t lose weight as fast as others do.

However Edmark weight loss products works for everyone that uses it the right way. From the success stories featured below and the time frame they gave for achieving the results they did no doubt gives an indication of how soon to expect result from using Edmark P4 products.

Edmark Weight Loss Success Stories with Before and After Pictures

Edmark Weight Loss Success Stories

Before, I could easily get tired and over fatigued due to being overweight. I used to weigh 165.3 lbs until my friend Mr. Eduardo introduced to me to the slimming program of Edmark. I took the P4 products and completely finished the program in three weeks. After that, I lost 13.2 lbs. And I felt more energetic, vibrant and looked younger. My co-workers actually noticed the improvements in my weight, skin and face. The products are really effective! It became easier for me to introduce the P4 Slimming Program to my friends and co-workers. I thank Mr. Eduardo Cortez who patiently monitored me during the program.

MA. Teresa Teves, Dubai

Edmark Weight Loss Success Stories

Before I joined Edmark, I was 249 lbs. I used to get tired easily. I experienced pain in my legs every time I walked short distances. I was obese and my husband and family were worried with my situation. It was quite embarrassing for me to go to some places because I was too fat. I could not wear the clothes I desire because of my size. When I joined Edmark in August 2009, I lost over 33 lbs in 3 weeks through taking P4 products. I just take Shake Off daily before bedtime. I also started drinking MRT Complex daily and to my surprise I have started losing weight. In two weeks, I started feeling light. I could walk without getting tired easily. Right now, I could wear the clothes that I like as I am more confident with my body size. I am very grateful for the wonderful changes in my life. Thanks to my upline, Funke Adaramola for introducing Edmark to me. Edmark has shown me a way of living healthy, being happy, and at the same time, Edmark helps create an everlasting wealth opportunity.

Mrs. Oluwaseun Abegunde, Nigeria

Edmark Weight Loss Success Stories

My life was miserable and painful before I was introduced to Edmark products. I used to have serious arthritic pains, and rheumatism. Activities such as jogging, sitting, kneeling, and even sleeping required a lot of effort for me. I could not bend nor squat and getting up was painful. When my husband introduced Edmark products to me, my life changed completely. I drink MRT complex thrice a day, a cup of Ginseng Coffee in the morning and in the afternoon. I only eat regular meal once a day and the others were replaced with MRT Complex. In the evening, I would drink Shake Off Phyto Fiber and I see to it that I regularly drink at least 8-10 glasses of water with Splina Liquid Chlorophyll. I have lost over 15 lbs and my knees are in perfect condition now. No more arthritic and rheumatic pain. I thank my darling husband Engr. Patrick Bomor for introducing these Edmark products to me.

Temisan Bomor, Nigeria

Edmark Weight Loss Success Stories

I was so big and felt so heavy that I could not walk for more than 400 meters. I had severe abdominal pain and this sickness was killing me. After taking the P4 products, especially MRT Complex, I have lost a lot of weight. Now, I feel lighter and I no longer feel pain in my abdomen. Thanks to Mr. Sam and all the Edmark products. May God richly bless us all!

Olivia Asantewa Omari, Accra Ghana

Edmark Weight Loss Success Stories

I work as a mechanical technician for IBN RASHD CO. I used to suffer from irregular bowel movement, hyper acidity and being overweight. In my kind of work, it matters much that I move quickly and continuously. Being overweight, I would often feel tired and weak even before my shift has finished. I used to get more tired because of this routine until last February when my friend Mr. Roger Javellana introduced Edmark products to me and my wife. We were also informed about the Edmark business opportunity. At first, I just tried Shake Off Phyto Fiber. After a week, I felt relieved since I experienced better regular bowel movements. In April, I started using MRT Complex because I also wanted to lose weight. In just eight weeks of using MRT, I lost 33 lbs! I am so grateful to God for bringing Edmark in my life. Thanks to my upline Mr. and Mrs. Roger Javellana for introducing Edmark products to my family. Since then, we have enjoyed these wonderful health benefits as well as the prosperous business opportunity.

Teofilo Varon, Yanbu KSA

Edmark Weight Loss Success Stories

Last year, I had an operation which caused me to suffer from non-stop bleeding for three months. I was given various medications to stop the bleeding but the drugs were very costly and showed no result. Eventually, my stomach grew bigger as I put on excess weight. When I found out about the P4 products I immediately registered and started taking the products. I take my first MRT Complex with Ginseng Coffee in the morning. Then my second MRT a few hours before taking my lunch and my last MRT with Shake Off in the evening. I also drink Splina Liquid Chlorophyll all throughout the day. In just two weeks, my waist reduced from 40 inches to 37 inches, and my weight dropped from 167 lbs to 154 lbs. I am very excited and grateful for my new found health. Thank God for these wonderful products. I would also like to thank Mr. Gershon Baku and Edmark International.

Beatrice, Accra Ghana

Edmark Weight Loss Success Stories

I used to weigh 264 lbs and had a waistline of 44 inches. I looked very fat, my stomach was huge and I felt tired too quickly. When I was introduced to Edmark and its health products, I joined the slimming program right away. I took MRT Complex four times a day, once at 8AM with Ginseng Coffee, another at 11AM, and then I would have rice and light vegetable soup for lunch. I take MRT with Ginseng Coffee again by 4:30PM, and another MRT after three hours. Sometimes, I follow up with Shake Off before going to bed. I also drink eight to twelve glasses of water (with Splina) everyday. After two weeks, I couldn’t believe that my waistline shrunk two inches and I have lost 18 lbs. I thank God Almighty! Now I feel lighter, younger, energetic and more beautiful. These products are truly effective! I would also like to thank my upline Ms. Lyndia Opare, Mrs. Paulina Anokye and our dear Chairman, Mr. Sam Low.

Naomi Asamoah, Accra Ghana

I weighed 98 kilos and being much overweight gave me a lot of physical problems. Due to my weight and my big frame, I could never walk properly and all my clothes looked bad on me. I decided to take Shake Off every night for a week and I also took 4 sachets of MRT regularly. To my delight, I lost 17 kilos after six weeks of taking the program. Now I am back to my fit and regular shape. I feel beautiful once more! Thanks to Mr. Sam Low for bringing Edmark to Ghana and to Mr. Kingsford who introduced me to Edmark’s wonderful products!

Penueliah Agbevenu, Accra Ghana

Edmark Weight Loss Success Stories

I was battling with diabetes type 2, High Blood Pressure, and obesity for the past ten years when a friend introduced me to all the Edmark products. I mix Splina with water and I drink it whenever I am thirsty; I strictly follow the instructions for Shake Off; I also take Ginseng coffee in the mornings and afternoons; I drink MRT everyday and I drink Red Yeast Coffee in the evening. Due to all these healthy habits, my fatty-filled tummy reduced drastically and the discomfort in my stomach vanished into thin air. Ginseng coffee makes me very active the whole day and I am able to recollect events and places easily. Now I feel healthy and strong and most importantly, my diabetes is now under control. Even the occasional dizziness I used to experience is now a thing of the past. Now, people think I am much younger than my real age. I can say that P4 has rejuvenating properties which are simply amazing! Thanks to Edmark for all these fantastic food supplements and outstanding business opportunity. My sincerest thanks to my upline Mr. Frederick Quansah, and his upline Mr. Kwofie for introducing me to Edmark products and for their encouragement and support.

Arthur K. E. Gershon, Accra Ghana

Edmark Weight Loss Success Stories

Before P4, my life was quite stressful. I was so heavy and fat with a protruding stomach that I could not dress the way I want. I have also suffered from diabetes for many years which prompted me to take medications which also failed. I took Shake Off, Splina, and Ginseng Coffee as part of my program because of Edmark’s P4 Slimming Program. I lost a total of 17.8 lbs within three weeks. I am also completely drug-free and my diet is healthier. The results were very noticeable and they helped me with my sense of well being. Now, I can say that I also have a deeper appreciation for health and wellness. I am full vigor and I am definitely more free, energetic and relaxed. I would like to thank God and my upline Paulina for bringing Edmark to me and to my family.

Beatrice, Rusawan Ghana

Edmark Weight Loss Success Stories

Before I started taking Edmark products, I would often feel stressed, lazy and shy. I also suffered from palpitations. All these can be related to the fact that I don’t feel good about how I looked. Then, Mr. Leonardo Izon introduced me to Edmark P4 products. After I started using them, I felt much better physically and emotionally. I no longer suffered from palpitations and I felt more comfortable with myself. I also lost weight so now I can wear fitted clothes. I extend my gratitude to all my business partners Mr. Leonardo Izon, Mr. Rolando Bugnot, Mr. Rolando Wandag, and most especially to all Edmark Dubai staff who closely monitored me during my P4 slimming program.

Abigail, Dubai UAE

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